A River Enchanted
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I was so excited when A River Enchanted was picked as a BOTM book. But couldn’t quite find the time to dedicate to an almost 500 page book. After some huge books that had burned me, the size intimidated me a bit. So when Spring Break rolled around, I immediately dove into this adult Scottish fantasy book.

Even though I owned the physical copy, I also purchased it on @Libro.fm when I heard how incredible the narrator was. This also meant I could listen for the duration of my six hour flight and have a great start by the time I was settled by the pool.

“It is hard to hate what made you feel most alive.”


Are you an Outlander fan? Then this book is for you! It feels like a PG version that oozes Scottish folklore. Right from the start, the book immerses you in the murky waters and dark forested land filled with magic and folklore. With a childhood enemies to friends to lovers romance set among two warring clans, this fully enchanted me with its lush descriptions and faithful side characters!

“It is better to live and feel than be half dead from resentment”


The story follows a man named Jack sent back to his clan after 10 years away, only to discover his old friend/nemesis Adaira in need of his help. Something is amiss on the aisle as girls start to go missing. The two frenemies come together to try to get find the girls, using magic + song + strategy to win them back. In the end, a big generational secret is revealed. Is their bond enough to combat it? Or will it tear them apart?

A River Enchanted is full of family and friendship. I loved how music was not only woven throughout but used for power and magic. It’s a story of forgiveness, duty, and love that felt both historical and fantastical. It was just a perfect mix for me!

And if you are an audio fan, the accents really make the story come alive!


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