Funny You Should Ask
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I love when a book surprises me and Funny You Should Ask absolutely did!

I had no idea what to expect with this one. The cover and title peaked my curiosity enough that I decided to give it a go and go in blind. I expected maybe literary fiction or cheesy romcom. But it was so much more and I loved it!

“It’s like high school, but better – that sweet, hot anticipation of kissing, kissing like you’re the first people in the world to discover it. Like there’s no possible way other people are doing it like this, because if they were how in the hell would anyone ever get anything done.”


The book follows journalist Chani Horowitz and hot, lead actor Gabe Parker. Chani gets her big break early when she’s asked to interview the future Bond star when she’s just twenty something. She writes about a crazy weekend they spent together, the events of which are told backwards in the story and unroll slowly. The two clearly connect on an authentic level but the story is her big break and after the article her career takes off and the two go their separate ways.

The story is told in two timelines, from two POV’s across ten years. Interspersed throughout are blog posts, news articles, and tweets. It was such a fun, hip, and creative way to tell the story. It also felt true to the characters roles and lifestyles.

“when you’re focused on feeding something that can never truly be satiated, you miss what you’re actually hungry for.”

But noone except the two of them knows what really happened that weekend. They both go on to marry costars and lovers, live on opposite coasts, and don’t reconnect until the 10 year anniversary of that article. What really happened that weekend? So much has changed since then. Both in their jobs, lives, and relationships. Is the spark still there between the two of them? Can it be trusted?

This book should TOTALLY be made into a movie!! It gave me When Harry Met Sally and You’ve Got Mail vibes.


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