The Unknown Beloved
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“Just because it doesn’t make sense to you, doesn’t mean it doesn’t make sense.” – The Unknown Beloved


Only Amy Harmon can write a book centered around the real life gruesome events surrounding the Cleveland Torso Murders and turn it into a moving, lyrical love story.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again.  I truly believe Amy Harmon can write anything!  From historical fiction to YA, fantasy and now murder mystery, her books pull you in + provide you with hope + healing.

The Unknown Beloved takes place in 1930 and follows Detective Malone. He’s a special agent of the Treasury Department and one of the men pivotal in taking down Al Capone. Malone is now working a case in Cleveland trying to track down The Butcher. The Butcher is a serial killer murdering random people and leaving their body parts randomly strewn across the city.  There appears to be no rhyme or reason for the murders or connection to the victims. 

Malone ends up reconnecting with a young woman named Dani, who he knew as a child.  She has a unique gift that enables her to know more about items left behind by the victims. At her touch, the items tell her things. Malone + Dani work together to learn more about the victims and track down the killer.  They also have lights out chemistry as their opposing personality sends literal sparks off the page.

“Your heart is too soft for this, Dani Flanagan.”

“Hmm.  Maybe so.  But perhaps your heart is too hard.”

Malone is a world weary detective who has seen too much. Dani is young, open + loves everyone, including the aunts she lives with and cares for.  Naturally they are drawn to each other but their age difference, lifestyle choices, and personality all create conflict throughout the novel.  Can they find the killer AND overcome their differences long enough to find romance?

This is a really unique mix of historical fiction, mystery, and a love story. It is full of hope and light amidst some dark circumstances.

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