It Happened One Summer
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After ending up in jail after an epic party incident, Instagram “it girl” Piper’s life is turned upside down in “It Happened One Summer” when her stepdad kicks her out of his palatial palace in LA and sends her to her hometown in a small fishing village of Washington. 

“This life I’ve provided is always here, rewarding your lack of ambition with comfort and an excuse to remain blissfully stagnant.” 

When she arrives, she finds her estranged grandmother still lives in the town and begins to remake the bar her biological father once owned.  She also catches the eye of a grumpy, local fishing captain.  Can she make lemonade from lemons? 

“As a seaman, he was all about luck.  He could construct a tight schedule, guide the boat in the direction of his choosing, but it was up to the ocean how and when she gave up her treasures.” 

I always love an enemy to lovers trope, especially when it involves a grumpy, set in his ways hero and a sassy, untamed heroine.  What I didn’t expect was to enjoy It Happened One Summer quite so much!  I don’t follow celebrities.  You know I don’t watch TMZ.  I assumed I’d be super annoyed with Piper early on, as the beginning descriptions made her seem like Paris Hilton – dumb and unintentional.

“This girl is not strong enough to worry like this all the time.  To love someone and lose them.”

Alas, I am reminded dear friends to never judge a book by it’s cover!  This book has two people that are so different but both so endearing and easy to love.  Brendan is perfect as the grouchy, set in his ways widower, both befuddled and amused by this new tornado of a girl that takes over his tiny town.  And Piper somehow totally grew on me.  Despite her initial seemingly shallow ways, she is honest and loves everyone and cares deeply.  Watching the two of them circle each other, give in, and find their way was beautiful and fun.

“You immediately make everyone your best friend. Make them count.  You have perseverance, character, and a huge heart. You might still be finding your way but so am I.”

GAH.  This one left me a blubbery mess.  Be forewarned, this one is HAWT.  Like steam level FIVE.  So if closed door is your thing, you may want to skip those pages. But don’t skip the book. Their witty banter, chemistry, and ability to make room for each other in their very different lives is a delight to read.  

Pet Peeve alert – I hate that throughout the book he calls her “baby”.  I know that’s weird but it’s a thing with me that instantly gives me an ick factor.  Also glad I didn’t do this one on audio cuz it would also make me blush. 

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