In Love
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“I imagine that Brian feels as alone as I do but I can tell he isn’t as afraid.” – Amy Bloom, from In Love.

This stunning, short memoir is an honest and heartfelt walk through the process of grief, death, and saying goodbye. Amy Bloom takes us along with her on her journey as she prepares to say goodbye to her husband after his diagnosis with Alzheimers leads him to desire assisted suicide at a clinic in another country. She wrestles with the grief and longing and love of it all.

“Death is something we don’t talk about. But there is no life without death.”

There is nothing beautiful about death. It comes for all of us somehow, in some way. This book doesn’t glorify it. But is shows that the best we can do is carry on, love better, and remember those we love. This book was a stunning love letter and a wonderful way to help me process my own grief during a difficult time.

This book is written very openly in a conversational style. It has short chapters and the book itself it short. But it’s just the right length for pondering life and death and love and loss. A tender look a tough decision.

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