A Game of Hearts
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Happy Pub Day to my friend Joanna Barker!  She has become one of my go to regency romance authors.  She captured my heart yet again with her latest book, A Game of Hearts.

“I’d known Tristan over a decade, it was a decade too long.”

This regency romance is a darling enemies to lovers, marriage of convenience story that follows a young archer named Mari who has had a long standing feud with the neighbor boy and fellow archer, Tristan.  She has beaten him once and plans to do so again.  

But the town’s local archer society tries to stop her efforts as an old school baron doesn’t like women in his sport.  So Mari sets out to create her own society!! It all goes well until an incident puts Tristan and Mari in peril and makes them grow closer than they planned.

“You would not know romance if it slapped you across the face!” 

“Like you are wishing to do now?”

“A lady would NEVER!”

“No, but you might.”

I love stories with strong female leads that push the boundaries of proper society for their times. Mari is sassy and strong and fiercely good at her sport.  The witty banter between her and Tristan is hilarious and their eventual attraction is purely delicious.

“Do allies kiss one another?”

“I think we can make our own rules.”

A lovey story that you will devour in one sitting!! Come back at the end of the month when I’ll be doing an IG Live with Joanna to discuss this book and more!

QOTD:  What is a sport you’d like to see more women involved in?

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