Love Marriage
Momma Leighellen's Book Review

I love family dramas with unique characters, cultural insights, and rich storylines. Love Marriage has all that and more.

The story follows a newly engaged couple from two walks of life. Yasmin comes from a sheltered, conservative Indian family. She is engaged to Joe, a charismatic upper class boy who’s mother is a famous liberal feminist. We’re talking naked pictures famous). Since the gulf between the families is vast and wedding planning doesn’t always bring out the BEST in people, when they try to make decisions things unravel fast for the couple.

As the wedding draws near, misunderstandings, infidelities, power plays, and long held secrets upend every relationship in the book. This book explores marriage, weddings, the families we are born into and the ones that we choose. The author doesn’t shy away from difficult conversations of race, sex, class, and culture. Two families, two cultures, two people all trying to make decisions together as one unit.

It’s a quick read and I think would make a great book club pick for all the topics discussed. At times, it felt like everyone became more a caricature of tropes than authentic people, but it did bring up great concepts for discussion. Also, there’s a lot of tension so I plowed through this one, although the ending left me wanting.

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