A Heart Worth Stealing
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BOOK: A Heart Worth Stealing

Author: Joanna Barker

Publisher: Shadow Mountain

Genre:  Regency Romance

Pub Date:  May 2

“You’re a puzzle, a difficult one.  A lady through and through, but so much more.  Reserved, yet passionate.  Logical, yet stubborn.  You are as much a mystery to me as our vandal, and I find myself quite keen to figure you out.” – A Heart Worth Stealing

Whew! Is it getting hot in here? I always look forward to new books from @joannabarker.  She has a way of creating sassy, strong heroines that defy the times and pulling us in with slow, tender romances.  Her latest book had all that and more!

A Heart Worth Stealing follows a young woman named Genevieve who recently lost her father and is having trouble managing the estate left to her in his will.  She has had a string of bad luck, break ins, and finally a theft of her fathers beloved watch.  She decides to hire a thief-taker when the local constable brushes her off.  Of course, he is young and handsome, and it “keep her safe” he must stay at her home, posing as her long, lost cousin.

“I found that this energy, this heat between the two of us…it was far more than enough to warm every inch of me.” – A Heart Worth Stealing

I loved the chemistry between them, the grumpy/sunshine vibes, and the witty banter.  There’s also a mystery at the center of the story that throws them together.  As they work together to solve what’s taking place at her estate, they can’t deny there is a spark between the two of them. 

Sweet, satisfying, and charming, this closed door Regency Romance swept me off my feet!

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