Drowning by TJ Newman
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“It didn’t matter if you died in a car crash or peacefully in your sleep or if you drowned in a plane at the bottom of the ocean. The end result would be the same. That was all life was – shifting the balance every day to make room for joy and grace and whatever circumstance you’ve got before time runs out.” – Drowning by TJ Newman

WOW! What a spectacular sophomore story! I didn’t think TJ Newman could top Falling but she absolutely did and THEN some with Drowning. This is a fast paced, action packed rush of adrenaline! And yet somehow also a beautiful story of second chances. 

The story follows the chaos, strategy, and perseverance of the surviving members of a plane crash that goes down in the ocean just off the coast of Hawaii. Told in dual POV from a dad on board with his daughter, and the rescuers above them. 

“Time is luck. You grab it, you hold on tight.”

The book never lets up from the second the plane crashes. A completely immersive and engrossing read. I listened to the audio thanks to @simonaudio. The dual narrators were fantastic. Weber is always a favorite and his pacing and soft, gravely tone was the perfect “dad in charge” voice while Benati countered with the straight forward, brilliant strategist of Chris. 

Be sure to clear your schedule for this one! You can pick up Drowning by TJ Newman on May 30, 2023. 

Order your own copy of Drowning by TJ Newman here. But I also HIGHLY reccomend the audio. I use Libro FM for all my audiobooks so check them out, too!

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