Rock, Paper, Scissors
Momma Leighellen's Book Review

Are you looking for a twisty thriller to read in October? Try Rock, Paper, Scissors!

Rock, Paper, Scissors is the newest book from @alicefeeney and a recent #mommaleighellensbookclub pick. We just had our chat and trust me when I tell you, this book will keep you guessing until the very end!

The story follows a married couple who head to a bed and breakfast in the mountains for an anniversary getaway weekend. But when they get there, the B+B is a creepy church with a disastrous history. And they aren’t alone.

This one is full of twists, turns, and told from multiple unreliable narrators, keeping you off balance the entire book. It reads more like domestic suspense than a thriller, but be prepared to raise your eyebrows and drop your jaw at all the reveals at the end.

What worked for me:

  • the setting was amazing: an old church with a macabre history, a cemetery, and a creepy basement!
  • there are two unreliable narrators
  • the unique medical condition (it’s real! I looked it up!)
  • i loved the dog (he’s the best)
  • most of the plot twists
  • the cool word definitions throughout

What didn’t:

  • the letters included, while a cool literary device, mean that much of the book is told TO you, instead of experiencing it yourself.
  • lack of communication as a plot device
  • the couple (I could not figure out why they even got married if they didn’t like each other)
  • the author introduces some amazing concepts, then doesn’t follow through with them

If you go into this knowing it is a domestic suspense book, you will enjoy it. I thought it was a thriller, so once I knew there could have been witches and MUCH creepier elements to the book, this just felt disappointing. I did, however, read it in 24 hours. it is VERY bing-eable. And many people in bookclub gave it 5 stars.

What’s Next?

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