Sir Andrew and the Authoress
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How to tell when you love a book:  This book arrived on my doorstep on Monday, I read it on Tuesday, and posted my review on IG by Wednesday.  I think that’s a record!  But Sally Britton’s latest book, Sir Andrew and the Authoress, is completely consumable and delicious!  

“Needling her just enough to see the blush rise in her cheeks and her eyes grow stormy as she calculated the best response to put him in his place.”


This is a perfect mix of sassy + sweet regency romance that follows two childhood frenemies, Josephine and Andrew, who have matched wits and wills throughout their lives but things are changing.  Andrew is best friends with Joesphine’s brother, so he’s practically part of the family, but as the Duke’s daughter, Josephine has the power.  However, she is still a woman in society and has to keep secret some of her desires and dreams.

“He quite enjoyed their verbal duels. And if that’s all he could hope for, he rather looked forward to the next one.”

I loved the banter between these two!! Enemies to lovers is always my favorite trope because the conversations are so fun and there’s always a lot of humor involved.  I also loved the vulnerability in both characters – Josephine feeling like she can’t be her true self and Andrew feeling not good enough.  It made the characters and romance feel authentic.

Plus it’s SHORT!  It almost reads like a novella, so perfectly consumable.  The great book to pick up in a slump or in between heavy reads.  Simply lovely! 


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