The Letter from Briarton Park
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You all know how much I love my Regency Romance and The Letter from Briarton Park did not disappoint!

“We all learn as we grow and she in the end acted with bravery instead of cowering to a man’s will.”


The story follows a young woman named Cassandra, working as a teacher at a girls school in England in 1811, who receives a note with hints at her parentage. Her entire life she has lived as an orphan assuming both her parents are dead, so she jumps at the chance to learn more about her history. When she arrives five days later at the place the letter came from, the author has already died. And so she thinks goes her dreams of answers.

“What is important is that you find that your strength is in your character. Find happiness and contentment from within, not in your circumstances.”


What follows is a wonderful historical mystery as she searches for clues to who might know more about this letter and her background. She gets help from the local vicar and a handsome widower. There’s a subplot involving mill workers and owners which was not only interesting but added tension to the story.

“there are threads that if pulled affect everyone and everything, whether intended or not.”

I think what I liked best about The Letter From Briarton Park was that it wasn’t as “fussy” as some regency books tend to be. It felt like Cassandra had an authentic struggle, she actually had a job and was very independent, and the love interest had been married and had kids…so even though it was technically a regency romance, the themes felt more modern and relatable.

This was a fast read with a great mystery and a sweet romance. If you enjoy regency romance or historical mysteries, this one should not be missed!

“Sometimes it takes a tragedy to appreciate the things you have.”

Thank you @TLCBookTours @Thomasnelson and @saraheladd for sending me an ARC of this book to read and review. I loved it!


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